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UP Entertainment, home to UPtv, aspireTV, aspireTV Life, UP Faith & Family and Cine Romántico, is the destination for uplifting entertainment for passionate and diverse audiences across the leading cable, satellite and streaming platforms. UPtv is the trusted network for adults seeking positive programming with relatable stories about relationships, filled with love and laughter, through exclusive premiere movies, box-office hit films and beloved series. AspireTV is the premier network for Black culture and urban lifestyle programming featuring original productions in food, home and fashion. AspireTV Life is the first free ad supported streaming television (FAST) channel dedicated to sharing the experiences of the multicultural audience through cooking, fashion, travel, design and more. UP Faith & Family is the leading streaming service in uplifting entertainment and includes exclusive access to original productions from the UP Entertainment family of brands. Additionally, UP Entertainment in partnership with PixL Dos, manages and distributes Cine Romántico, a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel featuring the best of Hollywood TV romance movies in Spanish. UP Entertainment’s award-winning pro-social initiative, “UPlift Someone,” has inspired over 200 million people to uplift others through its social videos and dedicated UPlift Someone Facebook page and website.


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UP Faith & Family

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aspireTV Life

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Cine Romántico

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